Science, Practice and Education

dedicated to the 180th anniversary of
Bogomolets National Medical University

18 February 2022
Кyiv, Ukraine
Third Scientific and Practical Conference
with International Participation
The conference is in the Register of Congresses,
Symposia and ScientificPractical Conferences of Ukraine 2022
(UkrISTEI certificate № 784 dated 28.09.2021).
Central areas of focus for this conference
Modernization of the educational process with focus on distance and hybrid learning in educational institutions for pharmacy, medicine, and biology
The search for new sources of medicinal plant material for the creation of medicines and dietary supplements
Analysis of the market for herbal medicines; dietary supplements; and medical, preventive, and cosmetic remedies
Standardization of medicines and their pharmaceutical analysis
Current approaches to the technology of herbal medicines
Analysis of extemporaneously compounded medicines with plant-derived components
Pharmacological research on plant-derived medicines; determination of safety of dietary supplements and their use in medical practice
Plant-derived medicines and dietary supplements used in medical practice
Diversity and protection of medicinal plants
Anatomy and morphology of medicinal plants
Medicinal plant resources
Introduction and cultivation of medicinal plants
Molecular mechanisms of action for biologically active substances of plant origin
The study of biologically active substances in animal feed
Veterinary pharmacy
The current state of development and implementation of systems of preventive and healthy nutrition; supplements and food products with special medical purpose involving medicinal herbal raw materials

Organizing Committee

Chair the committee: Prof. Valentyna M. Minarchenko, Dr (BiolSc)

Co-chairs: Prof. Olena Y. Konovalova, Dr (PharmSc); Prof. Viktoriya S. Kyslychenko, Dr (PharmSc); Prof. Petro I. Sereda, Dr (MedSc); Roman A. Mykhailych

Executive secretaries: Prof. Uliana V. Karpiuk, Dr (PharmSc); Assoc. Prof. Nadiya P. Kovalska, PhD (PharmSc)

Committee members: corresponding member, Prof. Y.L. Kuchyn, Dr (MedSc); Prof. S.V. Zemskov Dr (MedSc); corresponding member, Prof. S.L. Mosiakin, Dr (BiolSc); Professor І.V. Nizhenkovska, Dr (MedSc); Prof. T.D. Reva, PhD (ChemSc), Dr (PedSc); Assoc. Prof. О.I. Yemelianova, PhD (MedSc); Assoc. Prof. А.Y. Butko, PhD (PharmSc); Assoc. Prof. H.R. Lamazian, PhD (PharmSc); Assoc. Prof. I.S. Cholak, PhD (PharmSc); Assoc. Prof. L.M. Makhynia, PhD (BiolSc); Assoc. Prof. V.Т. Pidchenko, PhD (PharmSc); Assoc. Prof. O.M. Strumenska, PhD (MedSc)

Participants in this conference
We invite scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff from scientific institutions and institutions of higher education in the pharmaceutical, medical, and biological fields; as well as doctoral students, graduate students, students, and employees of pharmaceutical enterprises and related public organizations.
Form of participation in the conference
Virtual (only publishing abstract)
Languages of the conference
Conditions of participation

To participate in this conference it is first necessary to contact the Organizing Committee and to send the electronic version of the abstract, due February 1, 2022.

Abstracts for publication are accepted only in electronic form, in one of the conference languages. You will receive an email message telling whether your abstract has been accepted for publication.

Please note!

The Proceedings of the Conference will be published in a special issue of the scientific journal "Ukrainian Scientific Medical Youth Journal" (electronic version). The level of uniqueness of the author's text is determined for all materials using the StrikePlagiarism software according to the requirements of the journal. The authors are responsible for the content and accuracy of their information.

Materials that do not meet the requirements for registration, need substantial editing, or are received after the deadline may be rejected, and the authors will be so informed.

Participation in the conference is free, without fees.

Abstract submission

The abstract should be prepared using software compatible with Microsoft Word (*.doc or *.docx). Total size of the abstract (А4 format), including tables, pictures, and references, can be up to 4 full pages.

All margins must be 2 cm, Times New Roman font, font size 14, single spacing, paragraph indention of 1.25 cm, spacing before and after paragraph is 0 pt (absent), full justification, without hyphenation, portrait orientation, no numbering on pages.

The abstract heading includes: first line – abstract title (CAPITAL LETTERS, BOLD); second line – last names and initials of the authors separated by commas (bold italics); third line – full title of the organization, city, country (bold); fourth line – e-mails of all authors; and fifth line – key words (up to 5 words). The body of the abstract follows one blank line.

The abstracts should contain the following parts: introduction, materials and methods, results and their discussion, conclusions. After the body of the abstract the list of references is given (not more than 10 sources in alphabetical order). The references are given in the text using the list number of the source, in square brackets.

Chemical structures are given in IsisDraw format, mathematical formulations should use the built-in editor, Microsoft Equation; pictures and figures should be in *.jpg or *.tiff.

Latin names of biological objects are given in italics. Use no abbreviations of words or terms in the title of the publication; abbreviations in the text may be established with the first mention. Publications will use the SI system of units.

One file should contain only one abstract. The file name should correspond with the name of the first author (e.g., Ivanov А.А.doc). If more than one abstract is submitted by one author, the files should be numbered with Arabic numerals (e.g., Ivanov А.А.1.doc).

Abstracts formatted according to the requirements should be emailed before February 1, 2022, to

The links to the special issue of the scientific journal "Ukrainian Scientific Medical Youth Journal" (electronic version) and the certificates will be posted on the website, and will be sent by email within a week after February 18.



Petrov А.А., Ivanova N.О.

Bogomolets National Medical University

Kyiv, Ukraine,

Key words: word1, word2, word3, etc.

Introduction. Text, text, text [1].

Materials and methods. Text, text, text [2].

Results and their discussion. Text, text, text.

Conclusions. Text, text, text


1. 2.

Executive secretaries:

Prof. Uliana Karpiuk,
Dr (PharmSc)
tel: 0505965725

Assoc. Prof. Nadiya Kovalska,
PhD (PharmSc)
tel: 0679956182

Responsible for the electronic publication of conference materials:

Assoc. Prof. Alina Yuryevna Butko,
PhD (PharmSc)
tel: 0502364240

Assoc. Prof. Lamazian Haiane Rachykivna,
PhD (PharmSc)
tel: 0975575574